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Washbasins - aesthetic and functional bathroom design

The bathroom is the place where we relax, care for and make ourselves beautiful. Accordingly, it should be comfortable and practical. Essential elements that define the look of the bathroom include washbasins. To meet our visual and functional requirements, they should be large enough and attractive. With us you will find a vanity unit or a washbasin with vanity unit suitable for every furnishing style. So you can design your bathroom according to your personal wishes.

Washbasins and vanity units: furnish the bathroom correctly

The washbasins and washbasins with vanity units should harmonise with the bathroom fittings and be adapted to the number of people in the household. For a one-person household and in small bathrooms, a space-saving single washbasin is sufficient. If you live in a shared flat with your partner or family, a double washbasin makes sense. So you can be in the bathroom at the same time and save yourself unnecessary stress, especially in the morning before work, school, kindergarten... An alternative are two single washbasins next to each other. If you want to set up your washing place in the corner of the room, you can choose a modern corner washbasin with which every square metre in the room can be used well. A further elegant solution is a washbasin with a stand placed on top of a washbasin. This has the advantage that you don't have to drill holes in the wall for installation. Also popular are washbasins with top-mounted washbasins, vanity washbasins, hand washbasins and wall-mounted washbasins.

Wood or ceramics in the bathroom: Washbasin with vanity unit

You can let your creativity run wild when designing your bathroom. Whether wood or ceramics: In our online shop you can get washbasins in many materials, colours and designs. So you can create your very own personal wellness oasis.

Ceramic is a classic material in the bathroom. It is easy to clean, looks elegant and neat. Ceramic is very durable and can stand cold and warm liquids of any kind. Therefore, it is the ideal material for a washbasin or washbasin.

A nice addition are a washbasin base cabinet and other wooden bathrooms. The sustainable material gives your bathroom a natural and original touch. It creates a cosy atmosphere where you can relax and take care of yourself. A mix of wood and ceramic looks stylish and modern.

Washbasin vanity unit and washbasin with vanity unit cheap to buy online

You can get washbasins for every taste and every installation situation in our online shop. You can choose everything at your leisure and have it delivered to your home - quickly and easily. Whether rectangular or round: choose the shape of your new washbasin to match your bathroom and your personal wishes. Built-in washbasin, top washbasin or standing washbasin: Stöbere in our shop and let yourself be inspired by our creative and original furnishing ideas!