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Comfortable single beds promote a restful sleep

To be able to cope with the daily stresses and challenges, a restorative night's sleep is absolutely necessary. A sufficient night's sleep causes a comprehensive body and mind regeneration and provides vitality and performance for the following day. Over a longer period of time, diminished sleep quality can even have significant health effects. A comfortable, comfortable single bed can make a significant contribution to fit into the day. Depending on body size, weight and personal condition the suitable bed can be selected. Those who prefer space can choose a wider or longer version. Solid single beds are available in Solid wood, Metal and Rattan as well as Veneer or Plastic. Alternatively, upholstered beds are also available. Solid wood models are available with a natural or lacquered surface. The optimal selection of a suitable mattress must be made taking into account the individual prerequisites and expectations.

Slick, space-saving single beds can be used in many ways

Colour, style and design from Single beds can be determined according to personal taste in Coordination with the room look. From country house style over classic designs up to trendy single beds many appealing variations are available. Some of the beds are equipped with practical drawers as storage space reserve. Easily combinable single beds can be used in bedrooms as well as guest and children's rooms. The space-saving, inexpensive furniture available are especially appreciated in single apartments and youth rooms. functionality and comfort are also combined in a special way with an attractive sofa bed as a single bed version. Models with a respectable comfort height are often preferred by people with limited mobility.