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Folder cabinet - elegant and functional

Tidiness is particularly important in the office and in the study. A filing cabinet helps you to store your folders and office documents neatly, clearly and securely. Filing cabinets are characterised by a space-saving and functional design. The design is simple and discreet. Many filing cabinets have sturdy shelves that are precisely matched to the size of file folders. So you can use the storage space ideally. In our online shop you will find file and office cabinets in many colours, materials and designs - suitable for every furnishing style. With us you can buy your new filing cabinet online at a good price.

filing cabinet - safe and tidy storage

file cabinets are used for the safe storage of your documents. They should offer plenty of storage space and look aesthetically pleasing. The office cupboard should be designed so that you can reach all folders and office utensils quickly and easily. For documents that you often need, for example, a filing cabinet with open compartments or an open filing shelf are suitable. So you have all your documents at hand quickly at all times. It is important that you label the folders well right from the start: then you will immediately find everything you are looking for. This saves time and nerves. This also creates a neat overall picture in your office. Open filing cabinets also save a lot of space, as you don't have to calculate the space required to open the door. They are therefore particularly suitable for small rooms and niches.

With a corner cupboard you can use the corner of your office sensibly. This variant is also suitable for small offices. The corner cupboard provides plenty of storage space for your files and blends harmoniously into the overall look of the room. Filing cabinets with several drawers are ideal for storing small office utensils: pens, paper clips, envelopes, adhesive tape and the like are in good hands here. You can also store sweets and snacks for your break there and hide them from your hungry colleagues.

A flexible solution are modern roller cabinets and practical roller containers, because you can move them quickly and easily to the desired location if required. So your files are always available where you need them. In many offices, the combination of fixed filing cabinets and mobile office cabinets is ideal. If you need even more storage space, you can also set up office shelves and large cupboards.

Lockable filing cabinets and office cabinets

For particularly sensitive documents that should not be accessible to others, a lockable filing cabinet is recommended. This ensures that important documents are stored securely and protected from view and access by third parties. Lockable office cabinets are ideal for employee files, accounts and bank documents, for example. Wherever data protection must be protected, office cabinets with locks are also a good solution.

Wood filing cabinet: light beech, oak, maple

You want a natural and original looking filing cabinet made of wood? Light beech, oak, maple and other types of wood create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in your office. You can combine our filing cabinets wonderfully with a wooden desk. Practical office utensils and the suitable decoration for your office you get with us also directly in addition.

filing cabinets in white, anthracite, light grey

A plain-coloured filing cabinet is a wonderful match for a modern furnishing style. White, anthracite, light grey and black are particularly popular colours. They look elegant and harmonize with many other office furniture, which you can of course also find in our online shop. Whether desk, office chair or office shelf: Simply browse through our extensive range! You still need a big office lamp and an adjustable desk lamp? Just order them in our Onlineshop!

Online filing cabinet at an affordable price

Whether modern office cupboard or elegant filing cupboard lockable: With us you get high-quality filing cupboards for every furnishing style. Let yourself be inspired by our creative furnishing ideas and design your office according to your wishes! Simply select your personal favourite model from our online shop and have it delivered to your office quickly and easily!