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Buy a desk - individual and functional

The desk is one of the most important elements in your home. The table is a desk pad, work surface, storage and storage space at the same time. It should be practical and make it easier for you to keep order and keep track of things. It should also be decorative and in harmony with your Büro interior. Whether PC table, desk height adjustable or corner desk: With us you can quickly and easily buy your new desk.

PC table - compact and practical

A PC desk is ideal for anyone who wants to use the table primarily for computer work. There are compact models that accommodate only the PC and the most important accessories. Especially for small apartments you can buy this desk. It can also be used to set up a separate work corner in the living room.

You can also buy a larger desk for your PC. Large PC desks are equipped with several folders in which you can put a printer, a scanner or a folder. Particularly practical are the pull-out keyboards. So you always have your keyboard ready when you need it. After work, it disappears from view to save space. It's safely stored and protected from dust. PC tables also have the advantage that there are recesses for the cables of the electrical appliances. The cables disappear elegantly in or behind the desk.

PC desk with castors - flexible use

A clever solution are PC desks with castors. They can be moved quickly and easily from one place to another. So they are always exactly where you want to work. When you're done, you can roll the desk away and save space. Especially for a small apartment you can buy a mobile desk.

Adjustable desk - ergonomic and healthy

Anyone who spends a lot of time at the desk knows how to protect ergonomic Büromöbel. A healthy and healthy body posture makes desk work easier. Working is more pleasant and performance increases. An ergonomic desk is height-adjustable. You can adjust the desk top to the height that suits you best. In addition, on many models the work surfaces can be tilted diagonally. For example, you can tilt the desktop a little bit towards you to make writing or typing more comfortable. If you want to buy an ergonomic desk, we have a large selection of decorative designs for you. Whether white desk, beech, oak or metal and glass: In our online shop you will find it!

Height-adjustable desk - ideal for children

Dear little ones sit early at their desk to paint and do handicrafts. Later, they write and do their homework there. They develop and grow. That's why an adjustable desk is the ideal solution for children. In the beginning you set the lowest level for your child. When it grows, the desk simply grows with it. So your child sits comfortably and healthily at his desk at any age. There are also special children's desks with a colorful design that will make children's eyes shine.

Corner desk - Space-saving space miracle

You want to buy a new desk but don't have much space available? Then a corner desk can be just right for you. It will be placed exactly in the corner of a room. There it takes up little space and at the same time offers plenty of storage space and a wide work surface. With a corner desk, even niches can be easily converted into a comfortable workplace and used as storage space for files and copy paper. Whether natural and original wood or an elegant material mix of glass and metal, you can buy exactly the desk you want from us. So you can design your Büro or your work corner individually. Simply visit our online shop and order your new desk home quickly and conveniently!