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Functional, safe and versatile, cots have a lot to offer: They form the centre of every children's room and serve as a cosy sleeping place, personal retreat, playground or seat. The bed is often a fairytale place for children, with which they associate many beautiful experiences. But the same applies to the little ones as to adults: Not all beds are the same - there are various models with different functionalities for individual needs.

Child bed models: Half-height beds, bunk beds and bunk beds up to play beds

The selection of children's beds is huge, with differences in functionality, materials, size, shape and colours. Children's beds can often be used multifunctionally and some even grow with them. Which cot is the right one depends on various factors. The personal preferences of a child are very important. The size of the children's room and the number of siblings also play an important role in choosing the right place to sleep.

The crib with fall out protection - safety during restless sleep

If the position is changed frequently, the risk of a child falling out of bed is higher unless a suitable safety device is attached to the bed. It therefore makes sense to take preventive measures to avoid unnecessary worries and tears. A cot with fall out protection protects the child from falling and calms the nerves of the parents.

High up with half high beds and bunk beds for children with slide

High beds and bunk beds for children have one thing in common: they offer fun, comfort, lots of space and are the centre of every children's room as a playground - this applies especially to bunk beds for children with slides! Enthusiastically, you climb step by step, only to glide down the slide the next moment. A half-height cot or loft bed is available in different versions. These bed models are not only fun. The free area under the lying surface can also be used for a variety of purposes. A funny play corner, a cuddly corner for lolling, hiding or reading inspire every child's heart. Other models are real space wonders and are equipped with shelves, a desk or a small cupboard.

Space-saving bunk beds for children

Practical bunk beds and angled bunk beds provide sleeping space for two children. They may be the right choice when two children share a nursery. Bunk beds for children require the space of a single bed and are available with or without play functions. With an angle bunk bed, the beds are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. With some models it is also possible to place the beds separately at a later date.

The functional bed: A cot with numerous functionalities

Functional beds have various advantages: Some are equipped with drawers or small shelves so that there is plenty of storage space. A functional bed for children, designed as a loft bed, offers even more space if, for example, a desk and a cupboard are placed under the bed. In this way they save space and create order even in small children's rooms. This makes it quick and easy to save an extra cupboard or chest of drawers, so there's more room to play. Other models have an additional pull-out sofa bed so that a guest bed is always available.

Play beds take children's hearts by storm

Play beds fly the hearts of the children towards them. There is no child who does not dream of a bed with numerous play functions. Slides, exciting tunnels and caves, towers, cribs in the shape of a tent or a house make every child shine and tickle the play instinct. Innumerable play possibilities encourage and challenge the creativity of a child and its motor skills. After playing, children fall asleep peacefully, so that play beds are a guarantor for a quiet and restful sleep.

Youth beds - When children grow out of the cot

When a child gets older and his or her needs change, it's time to switch to the youth bed or single bed. The game function moves into the background, while functionality gains in importance. Accordingly, there are youth beds and single beds in different widths and modern designs, with storage space and guest bed function.