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Children's furniture - aesthetic and safe

A children's room should look cosy and cheerful, so that the dear little ones feel comfortable. It should be lovingly furnished and offer enough space to play. It is particularly important that children's room furniture is safe, functional and easy to clean. With us you get modern children's furniture with which you can transform your child's room into a practical and comfortable oasis of well-being. Children's room furniture - individual and multifunctional The basic equipment of a children's room consists of a cozy cot, a bedside cabinet and a wardrobe. Beds with bed drawers that offer space for bedding or toys are popular. Additional storage space is provided by children's furniture such as shelves, chests of drawers and cupboards. As soon as the child can paint and write, he or she is happy about a children's desk and a desk chair. Small pieces of furniture such as a side table provide additional storage space for books and toys. A pretty decoration in your child's favourite colours completes the overall picture. A highlight are play and adventure beds that can be converted in no time at all. At night you sleep comfortably, during the day you play exuberantly. Play beds are available in many designs. So every child gets exactly the children's furniture he or she desires. A nice alternative are bunk beds, under which a desk or a children's sofa can be placed. This clever and space-saving idea is particularly suitable for small rooms. Bunk beds are a good solution for a sibling room. Two children sleep on top of each other and there is more space in the room for playing and romping. So that your child sleeps well and healthy, you should pay attention to a high-quality mattress and a good slatted frame. It gets cuddly with fluffy pillows and a warm blanket. Original children's bed linen completes the comfortable cot. With decorative bedspread, you can quickly and easily turn it into an extra seat for visitors the next morning. Furnishing a nursery - safe and child-friendly In addition to design and functionality, safety is particularly important. Child-friendly dimensions are the be-all and end-all. Children's furniture must be designed in such a way that the little ones won't get hurt. They even have to withstand frolicsome play and romping. Children's furniture must be extremely stable and, in case of doubt, additionally fastened to the wall. High cupboards are often equipped with an anti-tipper, while high beds have a fall out protection. Rounded corners and edges make sense. Furniture for children's and baby rooms must not have any components in which the child's fingers can get trapped. Ideally, children's furniture will grow with the child as it grows older and bigger. Height-adjustable children's desks and swivel chairs are a practical solution. Children's furniture should be made of materials that are free of poisons and harmful substances. Sustainable furniture made of natural materials such as wood is very much in demand when parents furnish their children's rooms. Practical are complete sets of several pieces of furniture that are coordinated with each other. Nursery Girls To make your daughter feel completely at home, you can choose children's furniture in her favourite colours. The colours pink and pink are still popular with girls. Delicate pastel shades and white children's furniture are also very popular. How about a dreamlike four-poster bed for your little princess? It looks delightful and gives a feeling of security. During the day it can be creatively integrated into the game. Doll moms can make a home for their dolls under their loft beds. Flower meadows and fairytale forests are also original scenarios in a children's room. Girls love children's furniture that shows their favourite characters from films and books. Children's Room Boy Boys love play beds in the shape of a knight's castle or a pirate ship. Little racing drivers get children's furniture with a sports car look. Adventurers can look forward to a children's room that looks like a jungle with wild animals. Snakes snake along the ladders of bunk beds, while lions and tigers wait in colourful shelves for the next expedition. Curtains in favourite colours complete the children's room. Boys often feel at home when they are surrounded by the colours green, blue or grey.