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Box spring beds

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Box spring beds look back on a long tradition. They have enjoyed great popularity in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the USA for a long time. Now they have started their triumphal march also into German regions and provide in domestic beds for a sleep quality as on cloud 7.

Whether fore and aft or cross sleeper - box spring beds in 180x200, 140x200, 160x200 and other dimensions

A saying goes, "As you make your bed, so you lie." No matter if you sit alone in your bed or share it generously with (D)a better half - with a box spring bed you can reconsider your decision to lie lengthwise in it or to occupy it crosswise even at night.

Building masterly - unique construction for a healthy sleep anatomy

With a comfortable topper that lies over the durable and robust base of the box spring and mattress, you enjoy absolute back-friendliness and need not worry about a stiff neck the next morning. The box spring bed in the area of the lumbar spine offers a special degree of support. Even people with intervertebral discs will appreciate the special sleeping comfort. Muscles and joints are permanently relieved. The construction of the bed, which does without a slatted frame, adapts to your body and offers a higher lying comfort than ordinary beds. By deriving the pressure of your body weight you can enjoy the longevity of your box spring bed.

Hop on, hop off - comfortable entry due to raised mattress position

You don't have to get old to appreciate the amenities of an increased bed entrance. The special raised position of the mattress allows you to fly faster and more comfortably towards your dreams. A long haul was yesterday. Swing your legs over the edge of the bed and start the day with a lively swing. A bed on your legs can hardly help you faster.

Space-saving or space-saving - Bed sizes suitable for individual living conditions

You can choose your box spring bed in the sizes 180x200, 140x200 and 160x200 as well as numerous other dimensions according to room size, bedding and personal preference. No living situation is too small for big dreams and no bedroom too big.

Fragrance-free due to optimum air circulation - hygienic cleanliness for a healthy sleep

A box spring bed offers a particularly high level of hygiene as it is easy to transpire. Your body loses a lot of moisture in your sleep and you may have already made acquaintance with the feeling of literally being in your own juice. The unique construction of your bed and a breathable cover allow the air to circulate well. The moisture does not penetrate into the mattress. It is derived and you will feel noticeably better after waking up. Enjoy the feeling of clean, healthy freshness!

Design is trump with a box spring bed in the trend colours grey, beige and black

In addition to optimum sleeping comfort, the box spring bed shows its chic side. Influences of Scandinavian home design provide comfort in your bedroom. The simple elegance with its linear form is a real highlight in your modern living ambience. Box spring beds in the trendy colours grey, beige and black are particularly elegant.

Away from drawer thinking and towards multifunctional furniture - additional storage space through box spring beds with bed box

As much as you would like to place your dreams in a secret compartment, you can use the additional storage space offered by a box spring bed with a bed base as much as you want. When opened, a bed box gives you the size of the entire lying surface and you can store summer or winter beds in a space-saving and discreet way. An appropriate bed model is an indispensable element, especially for living situations with little space, because there can never be enough additional storage space.