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Youth room sets

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Youth room complete - functional and individual

The furnishing of a youth room is a wonderful experience for parents and young people. While the children's room was designed by the parents alone, the teenagers can now express their wishes themselves. They often have a clear idea of what their room should look like. Choosing her furniture helps her to become more independent and adult. In a youth room, privacy and individuality are in the foreground. Young people can express their personality through the design of their room. This is particularly easy with a youth room complete.

Youth room set - clever and inexpensive

A uniform set is a practical and inexpensive alternative to buying individual youth furniture. The elements are precisely matched to each other in terms of design and functionality. Colours and materials harmonise with each other. The result is an aesthetic and inviting overall picture. The components can be arranged individually and supplemented with further furniture and a pretty decoration. So every teenager's room gets a personal touch.

Our youth furniture has insensitive surfaces that can be cleaned easily and quickly. This is very convenient for your teenager if he has to learn to clean his teen bedroom completely by himself. A youth room set makes furnishing easier for you, because you no longer need to assemble all the furniture individually. You simply choose a set in our online shop and get it delivered quickly and easily to your home.

Youth furniture in a set - functional and versatile

A small teenager's room completely consists of a bed, a wardrobe and a desk with desk chair. This variant is also suitable for small rooms. We also offer you extensive youth room sets for large rooms. These include bedside cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves or wall units. If your daughter or son has their own TV, a modern TV table is a useful addition.

Your teen wants a cosy sitting area? With an armchair and a coffee table the youth room becomes complete. A practical alternative is a sofa bed. This is a comfortable sitting area during the day and a sleeping area for visitors at night.

Youth room girls

Young girls want to make themselves and their own room pretty. It's supposed to be cozy and beautiful. Soft pastel colours or white youth furniture are popular, which are set in scene with coloured accents. In a youth room for girls, the basic equipment can be supplemented with a dressing table at which the young ladies can style themselves. Accessories and jewellery are stored in chests of drawers and shelves. Wardrobes offer space for new clothes bought while shopping with your best friend. This is of course immediately tried on and viewed in large mirrors. A practical alternative are cupboards with mirror doors for the youth room - girls love them.

An inviting sitting area with a sofa, an armchair and a small table is a welcome retreat when your girlfriend or first friend is visiting. An appealing decoration completes the youth room. Favorite pictures are hanging on the walls. Shelves and room dividers contain flowers and decorative storage boxes that hold diaries and love letters. Browse with your daughter in our Onlineshop and let us deliver your new youth room completely to your home.

Jugendzimmer Jungs

A room for boys is often designed in subtle colours such as white, grey or anthracite. Blue and green tones are also popular in a teen bedroom. Boys want to unfold freely and need a lot of freedom of movement. They are happy about a separate area in which a piece of sports equipment can be found or the daily muscle training can be completed.

The PC and its extensive accessories stand on large desks or special computer tables. Your own TV set and game console are placed on modern TV tables. The smartphone and charging station are on versatile shelves. A comfortable sitting area with sofa, armchair and coffee table welcomes visitors. Look around with your son in our Onlineshop and order your new youth room completely directly home!