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Ear chair as a classic for a cosy living atmosphere

A Ear chair embodied with an expressive design Comfort and nostalgia. The classic often forms the centre in a cosy living atmosphere. The ear-shaped side padding in the head area enables soft, relaxing leaning with the feeling of security. This also ensures protection against draughts and noise at the same time. The emotional added value of an ear chair also extends to the romantic radiation. The impressive functionality includes the ergonomic shape of the particularly high backrest, which optimally supports a stable, upright sitting. The low lying, wide seat area favours comfortable raising of the feet.

Artful wing chairs are also impressive as Chesterfield version

With a stable wooden base , ear chairs are available with a cover of leather, imitation leather, velvet or cotton. careful processing of high-quality materials ensures high durability and longevity. Ear chairs, also called Ear cheek chairs, have a luxurious, artistic look and are also available as Chesterfield chairs. The different models are available with unicoloured covers, but also with marked flower patterns or checks. Especially comfortable are ear chairs with a stool in the same design that can be used as practical footrest.