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TV media walls as modern alternatives for housing consumer electronics

TV media walls offer space for numerous consumer electronics devices. In addition to the classic TV, these include DVD players, receivers, stereo systems or CD players. While televisions were conventionally integrated into large cabinet walls, modern flat-screen televisions with impressive screen sizes are placed on specially created furniture. Fitting the living room ambience and in optimal room position, flexible, flat TV cabinets and TV lowboards can present the best sound or the most exciting film as a welcome contribution for the family or guests. By the optically attractive Mediawände from the offer of and the pleasant view height for the viewers with television programs the entertainment value is still additionally strengthened by the optically delightful Mediawände from the offer of and the pleasant view height for the viewers with television programs.

High-quality, flexible TV lowboards and TV cabinets from

TV media walls from the online shop offer an excellent installation space for electronic entertainment equipment as well as space for the required accessories such as CDs. For this purpose, TV cabinets and TV lowboards are available. In the colour supermatt white in the decor Oak San Remo the attractive TV base units from the shop are equipped with two doors, two compartments and a floor. This means that generous, obscured storage spaces can be used. The stable TV cabinets are made of coated quality chipboard. Larger electrical appliances can also be safely parked on the hard-wearing surface. The base cabinets are equipped with noise-reducing technology for the doors. The drawers feature the practical Softclose system. The TV lowboards offered by are also functional and visually convincing. The TV lowboards are available in white with black glass fronts and consist of high-quality, melamine-coated chipboard. The solid media wall with the exceptionally sexy design is provided with a roomy drawer.