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Office chairs have an influence on health and work motivation

Many Professionals sit on a office chair during their work. This inevitably leads to strains on the back, neck and neck. Painful tension are often the result. In worse cases, absence from work due to illness may occur. Especially due to the computer age this stress phenomenon also frequently occurs due to excessive sitting in the leisure. The ergonomics of an office chair must therefore meet high requirements. This applies in particular to the form, size, mobility and support function of the backrest. Also of importance is the possibility of body-compatible adjustment of the seat height for fitting ground contact. The best possible circulation of the lower legs is achieved by the correct seat height. Last but not least, a >a smart, attractive office chair can contribute to the guarantee of well-being and thus of work motivation. A high durability should ensure that the pleasure of a comfortable, visually attractive office chair lasts longer.

>The selection of office chairs includes many versions

Office chairs are available coloured as decent classics or in numerous coloured colours. High-quality office chairs can be purchased in many materials, shapes, colours and designs with or without armrests suitable for any office or study. The Deposition of forearms on armrests relaxed many muscle groups. Also supports an armrest the standing up and sitting down. Office chairs are made of leather, imitation leather, fabric or flexible plastic. The foot cross of an office chair must be of high stability and tilt-proof. As C cantilever chairs office chairs without base are available.