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Multifunctional upholstered stools for added value in the living room

Flexible, combinable upholstered stools can be placed as completion of a sitting area in the living room. A absence of seating can easily be adjusted to the desired location by the easy transport of a upholstered stool during a surprising visit. The functionality of an upholstered stool is not limited to seating option. As a large shelf area, storeroom and for comfortable raising of the feet offer upholstered stools practical alternative uses. Pillow stools are available in several shapes. They are available in square, rectangular, round or oval designs. Cushions made of spring core or lush foam provide comfort. The covers are made of leather, artificial leather or cotton as well as velvet or cord.

Comfortable upholstered stools enrich the living ambience in all styles

The feet of the solid upholstered stools can be made of wood, metal, plastic or rattan. In the futuristic, puristic or rustikalen style as well as in the country house style or Vintagelook : Suitable upholstered stools can be advantageously integrated in each living room mechanism . An attractive leather stool rich in contrast on an elegant carpet can function as a highlighted seat relaxing oasis near a chimney . In same shade like upholstered corner enliven the living room additional upholstered stools the wellness ambience. Deviating from the color tone of a seating group, a color swab acts through an upholstered stool dynamic and inspiring.