Slatted frames

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Sleep experts agree!

only with a sleep system that is individually tailored to each other, the body can regenerate at night and gather strength for the day.

Why do I need a slatted frame?

Slatted frames ensure that the mattress is optimally ventilated from below. A good sleeping system consists of a powerful slatted frame and a point-elastic mattress.

What makes a good batten frame?

  1. A cross beam last bearing arrangement
  2. One middle belt
  3. triplug rubber caps
  4. At least 32 strips
  5. Latest distance not more than 4 cm

Which slatted frame fits my mattress?

>Our slatted frames are suitable for all mattresses, but not for all people! What is important to you? Our slatted frames offer high-quality workmanship because, unlike birch and/or mixed wood frames, our beech frames are more stable. The springwood slats ensure a long-lasting spring effect, which does not diminish even after years.