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The Side Table - A Practical Accessory

A side table is a piece of furniture that is often underestimated. It is not always to be found in every household and often too little time and attention is paid to its selection. A side table can be correctly placed and stylishly selected to make the room much more interesting and above all functional. Where you can sit, you simply can't miss the possibility to store food, books and all the other everyday items. Many only place a side table in the living room, and it can also be a real support in private rooms such as the bedroom or the kitchen for groups of chairs. With them you have the possibility to quickly put something down or have something that you often need at hand without having to search for it in a cupboard or chest of drawers. A side table must be small. It must not take up much space. On the other hand, it must offer enough storage space to actually be used.

Functionality and design - both a must

The problem that the smallest possible side table offers as much space as possible is solved by tables with compartments or a second bottom. They prevent the table from becoming too wide and give you the opportunity to store as much as you can without making the table look untidy or overloaded. Especially as a serving table or coffee table, everyday things like books or magazines can get in the way if you want to eat something or put a cup of coffee there. With a second floor you have a reliable companion who keeps things tidy without putting on too much weight. Just as important as the functionality is of course the appearance. If the room in which you would like to place the side table is already very full, it is more advisable to choose a simpler and quieter model that impresses with its slender shapes and bright colours. This allows you to extend the storage space without making the room look too restless or overloaded. If your furniture, such as the upholstered furniture or the cupboards in the living room or dining room, is rather simple, you can buy a more unusual design side table that reflects your sense of style and sets a striking accent in the otherwise simple living image.

Which side table suits my needs?

If you choose a coffee table, serving table or side table for other rooms, you have to consider a few things. If, for example, you often place food or drinks on it, you might want to grab a glass top that is easy to clean. Wood, plastic or metal, on the other hand, are sometimes more difficult to clean, but they are very scratch-resistant and ideally suited for robust handling. In the office, on the other hand, it can be helpful to purchase a side trolley that can be easily moved if necessary and also copes well with more robust handling. Due to their light and often simple construction, the side tables for offices, living rooms or all other rooms are usually very resistant and just waiting to be integrated into everyday life.

Tables for Lomado

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