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Showcases & Highboards

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In dining rooms, elegant showcases and highboards provide the necessary storage space

Because of the many possible uses of dining rooms there a lot of storage space is needed. Showcases and highboards are particularly suitable for this purpose. They offer not only spacious space to store of cutlery, tableware and tablecloths and photo albums, napkins or table decoration. Highboards and showcases also impress with their stylish appearance as eye-catchers. Items with a particularly personal value such as collectables, photos, artistic vases or noble porcelain elements can be placed visibly in showcases. The jewellery of the house can be expressively presented behind glass fronts. In addition, specific lighting effects amplify the beneficial effect. Highboards provide in dining room on smallest space by their exclusive design and their efficient interior structure for a ideal storage capacity. This is due to successful combinations of drawers, adjustable shelves, compartments and shelves. Showcases and highboards provide storage space for ordered logistics in dining rooms. With their extraordinary attractive design they also contribute to a pleasant enrichment of the living environment.

Showcases and Highboards as inexpensive storage logistics for dining rooms by

Showcases and highboards for exhibiting and storing objects, utensils and decorative elements are a high-quality complement to dining room furniture. At you will find showcases made of Zerreiche massive. They have two glass doors and three drawers with the practical push-to-open technique. A glass edge illumination can be ordered optionally. In addition, model variants can be supplied with two glass doors, four glass shelves, two wooden shelves with push-to-open technology and two shelves. You can also buy Highboards in oak Sonoma sawauh with two large drawers and four doors. Two door elements are made of glass. Behind them are two glass shelves each. The shop also offers Highboards in Zerreiche solid with White-Wash-Effect and each two glass doors, glass shelves, wooden doors and wooden shelves. The offer of also includes model versions with four wooden doors and four shelves. You can also buy in the shop Highboard chests of drawers with white lacquered glass fronts , which are equipped with two doors and three drawers and one shelf .