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Nice shoe cabinets as space wonders and practical storage elements

regular changes in the world of fashion mean that women in particular never stop looking for new shoes. In addition, in the later seasons, boots and bootees are also available. The increasing fashion awareness among men and women and especially required shoes such as safety shoes for certain professions, football or trekking shoes also ensure an impressive collection. The different shoes of an entire family should be suitable and as handy as possible in the living area. Under these conditions, a close shoe cabinet in the area of the floorboards is ideal, which protects the shoes from dust and sunlight and ensures order. The surface can also be used as an additional storage area or as a presentation area for decorative articles. For this purpose, different designs are available. With a shallow depth, shoe tippers are very practical for the upright storage of shoes. Green shoes can be stored crosswise. Alternatively, flat shoe cabinets closed with a turnedür can also be used with non-tiltable storage compartments and sufficient heights. If more space is required, e.g. for shaft boots, shoe cabinets with greater depth and adjustable inserts are recommended. There are also shoe cabinets with drawers available. Under floating shoe cabinet variants, wet or soiled shoes can first be temporarily parked on a shoe mat after entering the hall. The assembly effort and the stability of a standing shoe cabinet is, however, somewhat more advantageous in comparison. Shoe cupboards can consist of different materials and are available in many colours with other floorboards can be combined excellently. A stylish shoe cupboard with an appealing design can provide love recognition for guests in the board area.

Modern shoe cabinet versions with considerable functionality are available at

Purpose-use>quality shoes for value-preserving accommodation offers various shoes and boots with a customer-friendly price-performance ratio . The product range includes shoe cupboards in the form of wardrobes with white glass front and comfortable inoculation. This model is equipped with one flap and four Böden. Optically attractive shoe backs in antique oak or Panama oak finish with two doors and ten shoe grilles . There are also versions with one additional small Tür as well as two pushers available. It is also possible to order a model in high gloss white with two tubes and for insertionöden. Shoe cabinets with the Sand Oak, Sonoma Oak and Truffle White Oak finish and high-gloss white lacquered lacquer are equipped with two doors and one drawer. They are provided with a high-quality melamine resin coating. The surfaces are hard-wearing and particularly scratch and impact resistant. Some models are equipped with shoe with metal lining . You can also buy attractive shoe cupboard chests of drawers with several drawers and colored compartments cheap in the shop. In the wide selection of shoe cabinet models you will certainly also find the suitable product for your home.