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Shelves & room dividers

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Shelves contribute to a functional, visually enhancing living room design

Because of their Subject structure with ordered, clear partitions offer shelves a space-saving and effective storage and presentation possibility in the living room. Books, flowers or pictures as well as exclusive collector's items, trendy decorations or atmospheric candles can find their place here. In different forms, materials, colors and Designs shelves can be combined outstandingly to the living room mechanism . The shelf size can also be selected to match the room structure or the intended parking space. The function as room divider can also be considered as a selection criterion. Shelves are suitable as flexible room dividers due to their space-saving properties and variety of combinations. Especially in large living rooms, the use of shelves as room dividers can achieve a varied, structured room appearance.

Shelves act as room dividers in the living room several times beneficial

In particular with a open living and dining area attractive shelves in an appropriate size and form can act as effective room dividers. Decoration articles with eye-catching guarantee can still intensify the elegant, loosening effect of the room divider. From the living room as well as from the dining room, the utensils deposited in a rack without a back wall are accessible with a fast grip. By the double function as partition and shelf the modern room divider represent a nice increase in value for each living room mechanism. Shelves as room dividers can also be used in one-room apartments as separation for the sleeping area. Alternatively, a shelf can also function as a separation for a separate work area. In contrast to partitions or curtains the open shelf structure does not make the room appear smaller. Certain compartments can be filled more than others to achieve a balance between visual permeability and visual protection .