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EcoSpring Mattresses foundation for restful sleep

start the day well rested in the morning. EcoSpring is a sophisticated spring core sleep system. High-quality Medizone pocket spring cores with 256 and 550 springs per m2 offer a foundation for restful and healthy sleep in combination with high-quality jackets.

spring mattresses
achieve highest point elasticity, and body adaptationspring mattresses offer an excellent climate behaviour and have excellent breathability. Our ExclusiveLine spring core mattresses also have a special climate mattress cover.

An EcoSpring pocket spring core has the advantage that its spring effect is progressive and not linear due to MediZone technology. This allows the pocket spring core to act sensitively on the respective body shape. We achieve a very effective body support and a point-optimal body adaptation.

where is the actual difference between a pocket spring mattress and a Bonell spring mattress?

In a Bonell spring core, the individual Bonell springs are connected to each other by a wire. As a result, the pressure is distributed over the entire mattress surface, so the Bonell spring core is area elastic and not point elastic.

In a pocket spring core, the springs are separated from each other in individual pockets which are connected to each other in the middle. This distributes the spring to individual springs, making a pocket spring core point elastic. So that a mattress can adapt to the body contour, it must have a high point elasticity. 

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