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Office container

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Compact, flexible containers facilitate office work

As A supplement or alternative to large filing cabinets offer practical containers depending on requirements and spatial conditions helpful storage options in offices. This can prevent documents and other documents from becoming confusing stack on desktops. As a file system directly at the desk, a office container provides valuable services to improve work efficiency. The compact functional cabinets with their spacious drawers provide ordered, generous storage capacities. Frequently required cards, for example, can find their place in it within easy reach. Especially flexible usage possibilities offer roller containers, with which a fast, problem-free change of location can be made. The high-quality processed office containers also guarantee structured accommodation of small pieces office utensils such as punch, stapler and ruler as well as paper clips or pens.

Office containers are available in various materials, colours and designs

Practical office containers can be purchased to suit any furnishing style. From decent grey tones over the classic colours black or white up to strong colours and also fronts in lacquer optics there are almost unlimited options. The containers can be made of solid wood, quality chipboard, metal or plastic. Long office containers can also be used as storage space for telephones, printers or fax machines. Everything can be stored in the drawers of the containers opaque and dust-free. For secure storage important, confidential documents, lockable drawers are available. Both for use in private study rooms as commercial office rooms are modern, low-priced containers as efficient, space-saving solution in trend.