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Mirror cabinets

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Mirror cabinets - elegant and practical

The bathroom is our personal oasis of well-being: we want to be able to take care of ourselves there and relax. A beautiful ambience combined with a practical arrangement of the bathrooms are particularly decisive for this. Mirror cabinets are a very popular bathroom fixture because they combine several functions at the same time and also look super classy.

Mirror cabinets: Practical badmakers

Mirror cabinets are multifunctional badmakers that offer you plenty of storage space for your bathroom utensils such as hands and care products. But it gets even better: you don't have to free up a separate space for a large mirror, because your new bathroom cabinet with integrated mirror offers you plenty of visibility for extensive styling sessions. In addition, you save yourself the expense of installing a separate mirror, which is usually not possible at all Wänden at all. If you need your bathroom utensils, they are quickly at hand in our mirror cabinets. Then they disappear elegantly behind the mirror and are stored there safely and neatly. Bathroom cabinets with mirrors are an ideal solution for small rooms, but also a real eye-catcher in large bathrooms or wellness areas.

Bathroom cabinets with LED

Perfect illumination with a mirror cabinet in the bathroom: A modern variant is an LED mirror cabinet. The integrated lighting is not only an extra eye-catcher that gives your bathroom an elegant touch. Above all, an LED bathroom cabinet is particularly practical because you can see yourself particularly well in the mirror thanks to the lighting. This makes styling even more fun!

Tip: LED mirror cabinets are a particularly nice solution for small bathrooms, because this all-rounder combines storage space, mirrors and even the lighting in one load. So you can design your bathroom space-saving and clever.

Popular sizes: 60 cm and 120 cm

A bathroom mirror cabinet should offer enough storage space, but also look aesthetically pleasing. Among the most popular models are 60 cm and 120 cm mirror cabinets. Of course you can also choose from many other sizes in our shop. You can also decide for yourself whether your new cupboard should have one, two or three doors - or open compartments and shelves. The mirrors are usually integrated into the cabinet or are located on the side of the cabinet. Many cupboards have several inserts, which you can arrange as you like. Additional drawers are an ideal storage place for your jewellery and cosmetics. Particularly practical are cabinets for the bathroom, which have a towel rail or hook on the side. So your towel is always ready to hand.

Bathroom mirror cabinet cheap online kaufen

Shelf, whether 60 cm or 120 cm tall mirror cabinet with or without LED: In our online shop we offer you a large selection of bathroom cabinets in many widths, depths and heights. Thanks to our diverse range of colours and designs, you are sure to find exactly the right wardrobe for your bathroom. Of course we also have many other bathrooms, individual mirrors and decorative accessories to turn your bathroom into your personal wellness oasis. Find your new favourite wardrobe at and order it at home!