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Media furniture

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TV furniture from Lomado - from stylishly elegant to mega cool - but always maximum functional

Media furniture should not only offer space for all conceivable electrical devices, such as the game console, the music system or the Blu-Ray player, but also look perfect. Cables lying around or piled up receivers are a real no-go. Modern TV benches from Lomado are characterized by stylish design and innovative solutions. Here is the right thing for every multimedia fan!

It is impossible to imagine our lives without comfortable TV furniture

Whether discreetly in the background or skilfully staged - nobody wants to miss the tidy look of the practical TV furniture. Whether in plain wood or exclusive high-gloss lacquer - the possibilities are almost unlimited. TV furniture from Lomado is available in numerous variations. Here you can choose between refreshing ice blue, classic models or cool black and white according to your personal taste and in harmony with your existing living room furniture. With Lomado's expressive TV furniture you can give your technical equipment an individual frame that is tailored to you and your needs.

Your new TV furniture - What suits you?

Before you decide on one or the other model, you should answer some questions. Are you more the straightforward or the playful type? Would you like a modular system or a self-contained concept? Do you just need a lowboard for your TV or additional storage space? Last but not least, the most important basis for a perfectly tailored TV furniture: Which design fits to your existing furniture? As soon as you have sorted out your needs, you can start exploring and get inspired by Lomado's diverse ideas.

Media furniture made of metal, glass or wood? - A world full of possibilities

Individuality is the top priority today when it comes to modern living. Off-the-peg furniture is already a thing of the past. Furniture manufacturers such as Lomado have recognized the signs of the times and offer a wide range of different and combinable variants. There are hardly any limits when it comes to the choice of materials used. It may be mixed to your heart's content. What is valid in fashion also applies to TV furniture from Lomado - what is allowed is what pleases!

TV furniture as a stage for varied entertainment

Flat boards, racks or rather a whole wall? At the moment TV lowboards are very popular. This is not least due to the fact that your TV is perfectly positioned while you are relaxing on the sofa. The screen is at eye level and allows you to sit comfortably while enjoying the latest crime series. Cables, accessories, and more disappear discreetly into built-in cable channels or drawers, so you can enjoy your viewing pleasure to the fullest. Classic TV racks score points with practically arranged shelves that are as puristic as they are functional. A TV wall offers, in addition to the advantages of a lowboard, more storage space. It is ideal if you want to store your DVD or Blu-ray collection or books in style. If you want to achieve the most spacious effect, you should use open shelf elements. They unobtrusively set the scene for modern lifestyle and what really matters, without appearing dominant. Why not complement your clearly defined TV bench with further functional extras and create space for decorative accessories that add cosy charm to your TV corner. Not only can you give your TV, media receiver, sound system and all other technical equipment an attractive "home", but you can also cleverly integrate them into your living space. Just browse through the wide range of attractive TV furniture from Lomado! You will be surprised that nearly all your wishes can be realized!