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Highboard - modern and multifunctional

Highboards combine a cupboard, a showcase and a chest of drawers in a single piece of furniture. They are modern high chests of drawers, which offer you a lot of storage space and look aesthetic. As a rule, they are more than 100 cm high and can be used in a variety of ways. In your living room or in your dining corner they are very effective. But they also look good in your kitchen or hallway. In our online shop you can buy your new favorite model at a good price and have it delivered to your home.

High chest of drawers and highboard - cosy living room furnishing

In a high chest of drawers, the closed cupboard elements are combined with practical drawers and open compartments. The elegant glass elements and showcases are an eye-catcher: There you can present your beautiful tableware, your favourite souvenirs such as photos or your valuable collectibles. They stand securely behind the sturdy glass and at the same time are skillfully set in scene. You can enjoy it and your guests will immediately recognize what is important to you. Ingenious additional point: Your decoration is better protected from dust!

Behind the closed doors or sliding doors of a chest of drawers you can store your DVDs, CDs, books and games. They are neatly and safely stowed away. Additional crockery or decorations are also in good hands here. Smaller items such as napkins and matches can be stored in the drawers. The open compartments and additional shelves are particularly suitable for things that you often need and always want to have at hand. You can also use the shelves for your decoration. Vases, flowers, candles and books look pretty there. An aesthetic highlight is integrated lighting. This is located, for example, in the showcase and provides an indirect and cosy light: living rooms appear very cosy and inviting in the twinkling of an eye.

Highboard: white, high gloss, country style

You can complete your country-style interior with white sideboards, chests of drawers or shelves. Cosy home textiles and beautiful candles harmonise wonderfully with the country house style. The pictures with floral and natural motifs as well as decorations in soft pastel colours, which are mainly to be found in the Scandinavian country house style, go well with this. If you want plenty of storage space, you can combine your white high chest of drawers with a sideboard, a wardrobe and a shelf in white. Let your creativity run free and design your oasis of well-being in the cosy country house style.

Highboards made of wood: oak, wild oak, beech, acacia massive

Who loves a natural and original interior, choose a massive highboard made of wood: oak, wild oak, beech, solid acacia and other types of wood give your living room a warm and comfortable touch. You can also combine your new wooden high chest of drawers with other wooden furniture. With us you will find furniture in many wood types and sizes. Simply browse through our online shop and put together your new living room furniture!

Highboard solid wood or in white high-gloss optics buy cheap

Whether Highboard white, high-gloss, country house style or Highboard solid wood: With us you get modern high chests of drawers for every furnishing style. You will also find many other living room and dining room furniture that harmonise with your new high chest of drawers. The matching lamps and furnishing accessories are also available. Shopping is fun! Just browse through our online shop and have your new highboards delivered to your home in comfort!