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The business card of your apartment - The wardrobe

A special load is often underestimated when furnishing an apartment: The wardrobe. It is the wardrobe that you first look at when you enter the apartment or when you open the doors to your house. Like a business card, the corridor cupboard already says something about your furnishing style, your sense of order and your personality. Of course, a cupboard in the hallway also has important practical tasks to perform: Together with a panel, a mirror and a shoe cabinet, for example, a useful system for storage and storage is created in the entrance area. Are you looking for practical furniture for your hallway that perfectly matches your furnishing style? Here you'll find out what's important when choosing a wardrobe.

Which floor cupboard suits you and your floorboards?

Before you decide on the design, you should first make a few practical considerations: Do you have a tiny hallway or entrance area? How high is the ceiling? How many people are there daily to put down wardrobe, keys and shoes? Do you need extra storage space for household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner? Do you need a mirror in the hallway for the last outfit check before you leave the house?

note the floor size when choosing your wardrobe

br />After going through this checklist in your mind, you will notice that some variations of wardrobes are self-exclusive. It makes no sense to squeeze an overhanging wardrobe into a narrow hallway. Low depth floorboards are more suitable for a narrow hallway and sliding cabinets require less space. With low ceilings, chests of drawers, in whose large drawers you can stow a lot, have proved their worth. You'd better just hang jackets on wall hooks. If you're in the fortunate position of having to build a large hallway, there are sets of wardrobes available - some even invite you to linger on an integrated seat cushion. The more people live in a household, the more jackets and shoes want to find their regular place. In a closed wardrobe, the clutter that is unavoidable in a household with children does not disappear. As a single person, it is easier to store your utensils neatly in a narrow cabinet with floorboards.

Cloakroom chests and wardrobes with or without mirror - for your furnishing style

After you have clarified the practical details, you may now turn to the design: Wardrobe cabinets are available in many different styles. Are you the classic type, do you like it elegant, modern or country style? In our online shop you'll find wardrobe cabinets that fit perfectly into your living ambiance and match your taste exactly: From wardrobe cabinets with mirrors to models with extendable clothes rails.

Cloakroom cabinet in country house style

No furnishing style radiates as much cosiness as the country house style: Cloakroom cabinets from natural woods such as oak, pine or pine bring a romantic country house atmosphere into your hallway. Loving details and traditional fittings create the charm of a rustic chest of drawers. It couldn't be more cosy!

Industrial design for the modern entrance area

Whoever wants to equip his loft with a wardrobe attaches great importance to modern facilities. The trend is for corridor chests of drawers with a rough industrial design. Individual pieces made of an attractive combination of wood and metal show intentionally created traces of use and create a completely new living environment. Go for it!

Elegant corridor cupboards

The elegant style of living includes corridors with high-gloss and bright surfaces. Designersöbel in white optics with lots of glass and discreet wood decor enhance your ambience already in the entrance area. Your guests will appreciate this!

Scandinavian floorboards

Who likes Scandinavian design will choose a bright and friendly sideboard for the entrance area. Plain board cabinets from local homes radiate the typical elegance of a holiday home on the Nordic coast. Möbelst;cke in driftwood look give your hallway a particularly charming look.

Vintage-style wardrobe in vintage style

Vintage-Möbel in Shabby look are trendy and are absolute eye-catchers in the entrance area. Brand new chests of drawers and cupboards are deliberately subjected to an ageing process with great effort and thus give the impression of being antique collectors' items. Sideboards and corridor chests of drawers with spacious drawers in patchwork design are interesting unique pieces that you can combine perfectly with other furniture. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator