Extendable tables

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The dining room can be used more intensively thanks to a flexible pull-out table

The Größe of a dining room table should be adjusted to the personal life situation. This includes above all the number of family members, but also the usual visit by guests. Taking into account the reasonable preconditions a practical extendable table can help to improve the capacity question and usability. The requirement of a growth of the table top can be largely met with a unannounced visit with little effort. For this purpose, rectangular or oval table shapes are particularly suitable, which are either one sided or extendable on both sides. Supplements by side tables are additionally possible. Due to their excellent stability and load-bearing capacity, extending tables in a dining room are especially solid wood tables functionally üconvincing. For extendable tables with extensive extension area care should be taken to ensure adequate lighting.

A matching pull-out table avoids a constant tightness in the dining room

Solid extendable tables with a compact foot create in a dining room Coziness and hospitality. In a plain and natural-looking design or as high-gloss lacquered designer version extendable dining room tables offer a added value through their harmony and functionalityät. The following extending tables are available as extending tables>/strong> in particular grating variants:

  • Integrated insert plates in the middle table area
  • Lengths at the table ends by clip-on plates
  • Mechanically extendable plates at head end (head extension)

The pull-out technology proves to be particularly stable, in which a part of the table frame is pulled out completely in a fixed connection with the legs and frame. extending tables are available in solid wood, wood veneer, plastic or metal. Robust solid wood pull-out tables with hardwearing surfaces and warm colours are particularly popular in dining rooms. Uncomfortable, cramped sitting and lack of adjustability for dishes, plates and glasses can be avoided by extending tables.