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Double beds

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Your new double bed from Lomado & ndash; Time to dream

Let's be honest: a lot is better in doubles. It is definitely twice the sleeping space! Because either you enjoy a double bed alone and can literally fully unfold while sleeping, or you share the comfortable pillow landscape with your favorite person. Either way, you will love your double bed, because it turns your bedroom into a room with added value: More space, more cosiness and more possibilities open up when you equip the bedroom with a large double bed. After all, a bed is not only there to dream. It's a place where you can read, watch TV, cuddle, relax and just be yourself. Once you have decided to buy a double bed, the only thing left to do is to find the perfect variant that is tailored to your living situation. And one thing is certain - you can find it on

French, classic or kingsize? - Beds 140x200 to 200x200

A double bed is not just a double bed. Because the sizes from which you can choose are as diverse as the versions. In the space-saving version, the beds measure 140x200 and in this format they are wonderfully cozy oases of sleep for two. The so-called French double beds are particularly suitable for people who are newly in love and singles who want freedom of movement while sleeping. Youth beds also often have these dimensions. Another common size for double beds is 160x200. With this format, the bed still fits in most bedrooms and is comfortable for two people. If your bedroom allows it, there is of course still room for improvement in terms of width! A 180x200 king-size bed, for example, is exactly twice the size of two classic single beds, and if that's not enough for you, you can also find XL beds 200x200 in our shop. Take your time and rummage through the full range of our beds 140x200 to 200x200.

Double beds that stay in the frame - bed frames 140x200

The practical format with which bed frames 140x200 can also be inserted into small rooms is a long-runner. With a double bed in this size, you can enjoy cozy togetherness with maximum flexibility, which leaves enough space for your other bedroom furniture. There is no need to compromise on your choice if you decide on a bed frame of this size. In our shop you will find a variety of beds 140x200 in different designs and versions. From upholstered beds to futon beds and solid wood beds to four-poster beds, you can draw on the full and find the right bed for your home in the French bed size. discover.

Very big cinema - the 180x200 king-size bed

Are you looking for a double bed for the parents' bedroom, but do you already know that there will be more than just two of you? Then leave the slim bed frames outside and take a look at the & quot; large ones & quot; around. The 180x200 king-size beds exactly meet the needs of a family who like to cuddle up in the evening and also need a play area for indoors at weekends. The lying area 180x200 is one of the most popular sizes for a double bed, because it offers enough space without making the room appear smaller due to its oversized format. A 180x200 king-size bed is an investment for the whole family, regardless of whether you opt for a box spring bed or a version with a bed frame.

Sleep in style - double beds for every taste

Which double bed you will be happy with in the long term is of course also a question of appearance. Does a minimalist bedroom furniture match your interior or do you prefer lavish opulence? Do you love urban modernity or do you live in a classic-traditional way? Take a look around and choose your favorite furniture from our extensive range. With just a few clicks, the brand new double bed is on the way to you and ensures that restful sleep is not a dream.