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Baby cots - modern and safe for your offspring

Babies sleep considerably more than adults - the little ones spend up to 16 hours in their cot. This makes it all the more important to provide your baby with a comfortable and well-protected nest. The baby cot is probably one of the most important purchases you make for your offspring. At Lomado you'll find a variety of designs made from child-friendly materials at affordable prices.

Baby cots 70x140 cm in white and other shades

Pine or walnut are available as wood decor. The lying surface of almost all baby cots is 70x140 cm and offers your baby enough space for a healthy and restful sleep. Occasionally models with a smaller lying surface are also offered. In our Onlineshop are available beside white baby beds also cribs in the colors grey mottled or nature. The beds are usually offered with a slatted frame.

A crib for the safe sleep of your baby

The grille not only protects your baby from falling out of bed - thanks to the grille bars, the cot can be quickly converted into a play area if required. So you can leave your little treasure out of your sight for a moment without worrying that something will happen to it.

Babies have a very active sleep. Lomado baby cots are made of sturdy materials to ensure that your baby gets a good night's sleep. So the little one can turn and turn to her heart's content without the bed giving way.


Small baby cot extras that make life easier for you

Some of Lomado's beds offer practical extras that can make your everyday life as a mom or dad easier. For example, an integrated bed drawer in which you can store sleeping bags or a music box. So you'll always have a few useful things handy when it's time to sleep for the next generation. Another helpful extra can be a height-adjustable lying surface - ideal for all parents who suffer from back problems. The lying surface can be moved upwards so that you don't have to bend so low every time you put your baby in or out of bed.

One important feature is the slip bars - two to three removable bars that you can easily remove and reattach. If your baby starts to walk and climb up everywhere, it is advisable to remove the bed's rungs. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of the child falling out of bed and injuring himself when trying to climb. Once the rungs have been removed, your baby can simply crawl out of bed and back in through the hole in the grate.

 If you want to use the baby cot for as long as possible, a flexible bed may be suitable, which can be converted from a cot to a single bed. If the bars are no longer needed, they can simply be removed and you have a nice cot.

Baby cots and more - everything for the baby room at Lomado

Lomado also has baby changing tables, cupboards and shelves to go with the baby cots. With just a few clicks, you can set up a cozy and practical baby room that will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days. And all this without any shopping or pickup stress.