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Modern office furniture - configure with us now

When selecting furniture, it is often not as easy as many online shops claim. You click your way through countless products and slide from page to page. Often one has never really seen the complete offer of a coherent series. Especially the office offers many different combination possibilities and sometimes you need single pieces more than once per room.

The office - also a piece of living space

There are several demands on the office. Today, an office is no longer a simple workplace. We work longer and longer, often from home. That is why it is important that an office is not only functional and elegant, but that you also feel comfortable in it. More and more, work and everyday life are merging in office jobs, which is why the desire arises to take a piece of everyday and homely cosiness into the office as well. Of course, the office must still be harmonious and representative with its elegant design.

Office furniture functionality - with us guaranteed

It also has to be functional so that you can keep calm even in hectic situations and have everything well sorted and ready to hand, be it documents in a tall cupboard or working materials such as staplers or punches, which you can conveniently store in a side trolley. Our office furniture offers you not only an elegant design, but also an ergonomic use with height-adjustable furniture and soothing chairs that take the stress off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on your work.

Office furniture individual and inexpensive shopping at Lomado

We at Lomado know that not everyone needs exactly the same office set. Every room is different. You have different possibilities and demands. While one may need more work space for computers, etc., the other may need more storage space for files and other office supplies. That's why we have the furniture configurator on our site, with which you can easily put together your individual office. Select the number of pieces of the individual furniture on a single page and look at all pieces of furniture that belong to the respective series. Without annoying jumping between the pages, you can add the furniture you need and like. Sounds simple? It is! With us you get office furniture cheaply and individually with best service.