Corner bench groups

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Corner bench groups - never again sit between the stands

What slowly ebbed away in the nation's households at the beginning of the new millennium in its frequency is today the latest cry in the Möbel circus of homeowners. Whether retro or modern, groups of corner benches have emerged over the past few years from their once bourgeois garb and have recently started to mix the scene up vigorously. But what is behind the well-heard banking secrecy of the Corner bench groups?

Stimulus of the 90-degree corner seating area - corners and edges are protected

The two right-angled connected corners nestle into even the smallest corner - table and chairs nestle analogously into the lap of their legs. The seating thus not only fills spacious living spaces, but also follows the concept of modern straightforwardness in the design of the living ambience. With a group of corner benches, you don't have to worry about which green plants, seats or other accessories you will use to create dead space, and you can integrate the great piece into a small home in the best possible way. More beautiful corners and edges can not be made use of. 

Sitting corner kitchen - perfect stay with near human

You are a big family, have fun cooking together and afterwards enjoy your wonderful creations? The practical sitting area in the kitchen is the perfect place to avoid leaving the scene of the action or even rummaging through additional hectic rushes, so that everyone can be relaxed together. Because corner bench groups hold a larger number of people at once. This works particularly well with running metres. Children often have playmates to visit and even at a children's birthday party there is often a shortage of space. If you now sit on the corner seat, you may already be on a cloth with your future partner in childhood. The proximity to each other increases the conviviality many times over and with the one-chair-per-table-edge concept, the legs of the chairs that have been wedged into each other are finally a thing of the past. In our models with the ulentic tables, by the way, the myth of the table leg and the boring mother-in-law is also a thing of the past. If those are not rosy prospects!

Secret corner for the extra storage space - seating area dining room with chest corner bench

Whether small home or not - extra storage space you can never have enough. You don't know where to put the stuff you don't need to live, but you can't separate from it? Decide on a model with a chest corner bench for the corner bench groups. With this you can make everything disappear under the upholstered seat that has no room elsewhere. Your home looks so wonderfully tidy and you simply sit out the child's play mountain, seasonally irrelevant clothing items or the haberdashery store. With a sitting area in the dining room, you can also exchange your ultra-strong coffee service for grandma's premature fortune shortly before you even get close to it and enjoy the sight of her moist, grateful eyes with coffee and cake.

Corner bench group modern - away from the dusty image

Our selection of contemporary models proves that corner bench groups are anything but piefig. Whether you are looking for a traditional rustic charm or a classic timeless design - with a modern corner seat group, you can bring a hip furniture into your home. Choose between different styles, wood decors, upholstery fabrics and models with or without an extendable table.

More furniture for less money - Corner bank group cheap and ingenious

Profit from a laughing purse. Because a corner bank group is usually cheap and you have to invest less in total than if you buy all the money individually. Increase the space for the results of your confectionery zeal with an extendable table and let it glide elegantly off empty cake plates. Enjoy the cleverness of a conception that presents itself smart and chic at the same time. Apropos chic: The right model and design also serves as a stylish room divider. Stöbere through the large selection of our furniture online shop and shopping smart!