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The coffee table - everyday companion and helper

A living room without a coffee table is simply not complete. The area in the middle of the living room looks unused and a little bare. It creates a pleasant and complete room climate in the living room and also offers some homely comfort. Often placed right next to or in front of the sofa, it is ideal for storing all the little things you need for a cosy evening with a nice movie. Whether it's a few books or a tasty snack, such a small coffee table is really practical. Most coffee tables are rather slim and quite small, since apart from a few small items, they don't need a lot of storage. Thus it doesn't take up much space in the room, but simply rounds off the picture of a cosy and complete living room with its presence.

A coffee table in classic or modern - you have to pay attention to that

Of course, there are millions of different models of the popular Sofatische. Often you can't decide and overtax yourself with this flood of offers. We will tell you which criteria you should use to choose your coffee table. The most important factor is of course its position in the overall picture of the living room. Do you rather have a living room with lots of old or solid wooden furniture? Then you should consider choosing a classic solid wood coffee table. With decorations such as curved shapes or special knobs on a drawer, which is interesting both in terms of appearance and functionality, the coffee table blends seamlessly into the classic room design. If, on the other hand, you have a more modern living room, perhaps you would prefer a lighter and more modern coffee table in white. It lets the room appear open and its unobtrusive colour makes it hardly noticeable at first glance. This ensures order in your four walls and supports the quiet living climate. The second important point for your decision, apart from aesthetics, is functionality: if you live with an entire family, for example, it is advisable to choose a slightly wider or larger table on which the things of all family members can be seated. If, on the other hand, you live alone or simply have less space in the room, a table that is too large can quickly overload the living room and restrict mobility and functionality in the room.

Which coffee table fits? Advise the right one at Lomado

With us you will find the right coffee table for all these criteria! We offer you a huge selection of coffee tables in all styles and matching the rest of the furniture available from us. Create the ambience you want by buying coffee tables at the best price in our online shop and choosing your favourite piece to match your sofa, a whole upholstery set or in harmony with the carpet (also available from us). We all spend most of the time at home, mostly in the living room. The question is whether you want to accentuate your other furniture, or if you want to add a touch with a designer coffee table in a different colour. For smaller rooms, so-called salon tables or side tables are ideal. They also look very good between upholstery sets, as the set itself often takes up a lot of space. Lomado has a large selection for all this! Just have a look around in our shop and secure your new coffee table, which you always wanted. Translated with