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Cloakroom mirror for the perfect ambience - because the first impression counts

The hallway is the first thing we see when we enter the living room. It welcomes us with an appealing flair and gives our visitors an insight into our style of living. You should pay special attention to the choice of the suitable mirror, because the wardrobe mirror plays a very large role, if it concerns to let the entrance area appear bright and friendly.

Wall mirrors in the corridor and wardrobe mirrors with shelves - simply practical or a real work of art

Mirrors for the corridor are available in many different versions. From the simple frameless corridor mirror to the wardrobe mirror with shelf - the shape has a great influence on our living environment. Should it be more romantically playful or rather matter-of-factly modern? A simple cloakroom mirror is more likely to be a restraint, while an opulent mirror dominates the room. Let yourself be inspired by the numerous possibilities and designs in the online shop of and find the right mirror for your wardrobe or a stylish wall mirror for the hallway.

Simple corridor mirrors for every living style

Frameless mirrors or models with a discreet frame not only fit perfectly into any interior design, they also conjure up a maximum of light in the corridor. Especially in long tubular corridors they can work wonders. If you lift the mirror in the middle of one of the long sides, you will be surprised at how big your hallway suddenly looks. You can achieve an even better effect by placing your wardrobe mirror between two doors. This will visually loosen up the surface and at the same time create a connection. Cloakroom mirrors with frames unfold a more homely character than frameless corridor mirrors. Whether as a free-standing mirror, as a standing mirror simply leaned against the wall or integrated into the furnishings - a wardrobe mirror with frame sets accents. Ensure that targeted contrasts generally have a beneficial effect. A dark frame looks best on a light-coloured wall, while wall mirrors with light-coloured framing on a darker background are best suited.

Our tip for dark rooms: If you place the mirror so that light - for example through a window or a frequently open door - hits the mirror, you can enjoy pleasant brightness in your hallway. The wardrobe mirror reflects the incident light and gives you a pleasantly friendly entrance area. Basically, a large mirror in the hallway looks particularly modern and stylish.

A breath of fresh air in your hallway - wardrobe mirrors in a new design

The mirror is becoming more and more the favourite child of designers: with ever new shapes and colours, they spoil the eye of the beholder. A simple mirror becomes an appealing design object that not only reflects the face of its owner, but also his individuality. Colourful metal elements and printed frames are just as popular as wardrobe mirrors with integrated windows that can be opened and closed. The selection of different sizes and designs is huge, but in our online shop you are sure to make the right choice!

The matching mirror for your wardrobe

Mirror, mirror on the wall? Does the hairstyle fit? Does the outfit suit me? How do the colours look? A large mirror in the hallway is not only modern, but also offers many advantages. With a large mirror you can take a look at your look from head to toe. We therefore recommend that you choose a wardrobe mirror that is at least half the size of yourself, so that you can see your whole body. There's not enough room in your hallway? With a smaller wall mirror, you can also set wonderful accents and take a quick look at hairstyle and style when leaving the apartment.

A large full-length mirror should be placed in such a way that the largest member of your family can comfortably look at himself in it. If you have to bend over to see your head first, it's not only annoying, it's a daily annoyance. Smaller models should be placed so that you can see both your hairstyle and décolleté. If you have several people of different sizes living with you, several small mirrors can be a good alternative to a large mirror. Translated with