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Changing table and changing tables for your baby - comfortable, safe and practical

A changing table is part of the basic equipment of a baby room. There are different versions that differ in terms of their equipment and functionality. They range from simple designs to the space-saving changing shelf and the foldable changing table to the changing table. What advantages it offers - here is the most important information for you.

The changing table - the little all-rounder for your baby

Maybe you change your baby on a table, on the sofa or on the floor. These places should only serve as an emergency solution if, for example on a trip, no other option is available. Because these different locations do not always meet the hygienic requirements, not to mention the safety-related aspects. Your pediatrician will confirm it. The number of babies who, while diapering, fall from a table to the floor in a small moment of inattentiveness is still alarmingly high. Babies not only pedal, they also become more agile and flexible every day without their parents really being aware of it. They begin to spin, so it's easy for them to slip off the changing mat. These often sudden turning movements of the baby are the real reason for falls from the changing table, often accompanied by insufficient grip due to creamed or wet skin. A small moment of distraction can be enough. For reasons of hygiene and safety, it therefore makes sense to choose a changing table that meets the hygienic requirements and offers sufficient stability so that your baby is prevented from rolling down. Quite apart from that, a changing table with sufficient height protects your back when changing.

The advantages of a changing table

The changing table is the most comfortable version. It offers numerous advantages over changing tables that can be folded, simple versions or changing shelves. Depending on its size, it has one or two doors and at least one drawer. The variety of models is great. This applies to the execution as well as to the material from which the furniture is made. Our models are made of solid wood or high quality MDF. A decisive advantage is that our solidly made wooden chests of drawers are resilient and have a secure stand.

  • Changing tables offer enough space so that you can stow everything you need to change your baby here. & nbsp;
  • The all-round fall protection on the changing unit ensures a high level of of security.
  • The storage areas are generously designed and offer enough space for changing nappies, diapers and changing accessories. & nbsp;
  • You have the choice between several variants, so that you can find the variant that corresponds to your wishes and ideas. & nbsp;
  • The changing unit is removable so that the chest of drawers can also be used later when your baby is no longer a baby. & nbsp;
  • Our changing chests of drawers are elaborately processed and are made of child-friendly materials. & nbsp;
  • They are characterized by first-class workmanship and high scratch and shock resistance. & nbsp;
  • They can be expanded with our baby and children's room furniture.

Changing shelf, changing table, changing table - what to look out for when buying

The most important element of the changing furniture is the border, which prevents your baby from falling. The side and back upstands should have a height of at least 20 centimeters. The edges should be rounded and soft. Ideally, the changing area has a width of 55 centimeters and a length of 75 centimeters. Wipeable surfaces serve hygiene. A changing table remains stationary in one place, so that a lamp or a radiant heater can be easily mounted on the wall. It is important to keep the necessary distance to the winding surface and to pay attention to splinter protection.

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