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Children's room high beds offer creative design opportunities

High beds are especially profitable in smaller children's rooms and optimize the room usage options. As double lying surface or as combination of sleeping area and playground the advantageous bunk beds offer functional and atmospheric enrichment. This will expand storage space options of children's rooms and create additional space for desks, wardrobes and shelves. The upper place in a loft bed associated with an adventurous character is very popular with children. Even climbing up a step ladder triggers positive stimuli in children, which are also felt on a adventure playground or when climbing into a tree house. For a chosen combination of sleeping area and playground there are many design variations for an appealing design with motifs suitable for children. For example, a adventure country, a knight's castle, a merchant's shop or a pirate cave can be simulated. An attached curtain can give the impression of a protected, individual children's world, create a recreational space and creativity promote.

Sturdy, safe loft beds in various designs offer additional storage space

whether one loft bed is intended for one child or two children, or the bed is to be set up below or above: Many versions guarantee a selection according to your wishes. Some high beds are adjustable and can be adapted to growth. For bunk beds with only one upper bed/play area, the storeroom below can be used by book shelves or the parking of large, bulky toys. Alternatively, this can also be the location for a small desk with a chair. When selecting a high bed with two lying surfaces for a child, an additional overnight accommodation is created for a friendly child or other visit. Essential for the safety of the child is a stable bedstead, a staircase or ladder permanently mounted on the bed, with a step spacing that can be easily mastered. In addition, there must be no risk of injury from tip or sharp spots. The loft bed should also be provided with a hard-wearing, easy-care surface. All materials used must be free of harmful substances. A solid, sufficiently high border should prevent failure . When selecting the mattress it is also important to pay attention to comfort and resilience.