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Practical shelving as an order factor and decorative presentation space in the living room

In a book shelf in the living room all estimated classics, bestsellers or specialist books can be stored in an orderly manner and within easy reach. A bookshelf is an attractive presentation area not only for literary works with magnificent covers. The selection of the collected books can also transmit a personality expression. The consideration of the books can lead with guests to the establishment of common preferences and thus to a varied, pleasant maintenance. Besides books, plants, magazines, photos or decorative collector's items can find their exposed place in the living room in a bookshelf. Space-saving bookshelves with remarkable Shelf and storage areas can be adjusted in Harmonious shades to Living room furnishing style. Practical bookshelvesare easy to assemble, stable, flexible to combine and easy to maintain.

Fitting bookshelves are available for every interior style

A bookshelf can be used open or closed in living room. Depending on your requirements, a shelf can be used as a standing shelf, room divider or wall shelf as well as in the version of a shelf system. Bookshelves may consist of solid wood, veneer, rattan and metal or plastic. In addition to the stability of a shelf, the shelves should also be adequately loadable. When selecting a fitting décor, in addition to warm wood tones and the colour classics white, brown and black with high-gloss lacquer surfaces also trendy and conspicuous bright colours are available. Thus a book shelf can attract looks as a harmonious addition to the living room ambience or also as an inspiring contrast . Depending on the selected height of the bookshelves additional items such as telephone, games, DVDs or flower vases can be placed on it. different tray sizes, asymmetrical designs and optional drawers offer additional choices.