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Bathroom sets - aesthetic and functional

A beautifully furnished bathroom makes our start to the day easier and more enjoyable. In an inviting and cosy atmosphere we feel completely at home when we make ourselves comfortable for the day or prepare for bed in the evening. A harmonious room supports our well-being. That's why coordinated badminton sets are so popular with many. They give the room a uniform appearance and create a pleasant atmosphere. We offer you high-quality badminton sets at an attractive price-performance ratio.

Äaesthetic advantages of a badmöbel set

A badmöbel set consists of several elements that are optically precisely matched to each other. The colours and materials harmonise perfectly with each other. This creates a uniform and appealing overall picture. The room appears tidy and inviting. It has a wellness flair that invites you to let go and relax. Our Badmöbel sets are available in many designs and colours. Whether white or black high gloss, modern graphite or wood optics: Design your new bathroom according to your personal wishes.

Functional advantages of a Badmöbel set

Whether large or small bathroom: The individual elements can be combined with each other in such a way that the existing space is optimally used. Even small niches can be upgraded and transformed into valuable storage space. The clever combination and arrangement of the individual elements makes the daily process in the bathroom easier. Our bathrooms have a hard-wearing surface that is easy to clean and looks elegant. Buying badmintons as a set is often much cheaper than putting all the elements together individually.

Elements of a Badmöbel set - cheap and individual

You can get our badmöbel in different versions. So you can design your badmöbel set cheaply and according to your own wishes. A classic bathroom set consists of a vanity unit for the washbasin and a cupboard. If you have a lot of space in your bathroom and would like more storage space, you can choose larger bathroom sets. These include additional Hänke or practical mirror cabinets. Midi and tall cabinets, which give the bathroom an elegant flair, are also very popular. In a single household, a single washbasin is ideal. There are large double washbasins for several people, which make the daily routine in the bathroom more pleasant. A modern bathroom mirror rounds off the Badmöbel set.

>The bathrooms are available in different equipment variants. You can choose between shelves, cupboards and drawers. In openly designed drawers, all bathroom utensils are always within easy reach. These bottles are also perfect for decorating with candles, scents or flowers. Cabinets have the advantage that everything is neatly stowed away and no longer visible when you have visitors. The inserts in the cupboards can usually be placed in different positions and adjusted at will. So you can adjust the storage space to your individual needs. In Badmöbeln with drawers you can easily keep order and find everything quickly when you need it again. Many badminton sets combine all these elements with each other.

Bathroom sets with lighting

For a comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom, lighting systems that are matched to the bathroom set provide lighting. Badmöbel with integrated lighting are particularly practical. This provides pleasant basic lighting or spot lighting for viewing in the mirror. The right bathroom lighting is particularly important when applying make-up, as the colours should not be discoloured. Our bathrooms in the set are equipped with LED or halogen lighting. A functional highlight is a mirror cabinet with lighting. You can get dressed in bright light in front of the mirror and then have your cosmetics and bathroom accessories disappear into the cupboard.

Badmöbel set cheap and easy to buy online

Modern or timeless, noble or original: In our online shop you can get our high-quality badmöbel sets cheaply and quickly delivered home. You can choose them from the comfort of your sofa. Just visit our shop and let yourself be inspired by our furnishing ideas. Then you can D