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enriching the bathroom ambience with impressive storage space - bathroom under cupboards

A simple design language, considerable storage space capacity and versatile usability distinguish a bathroom base unit. Thanks to its compact design it can even fit into narrow niches and can therefore optimise the storage facilities for bathroom utensils and cleaning and care products even in small rooms. In timeless style or with the charm of the modern, bathroom undercurtain with winning harmony can be integrated into the bathroom concept. Exclusive models can even be used as Eyecatcher dominant accents for the bathroom ambience. Bathroom undercabinets are available in different sizes, shapes, materials and colours. The extensive range on the market includes sleek drawers, elegant handles and adjustable inserts, as well as large pans and loosening milk glass elements. The moisture-repellent surfaces impress with their stress resistance and ease of care. For unlimited wellness feeling in the bath shapely, eye-protected underbelly as helpful logistics are indispensable. With quick access many required cosmetics, toiletries or handpieces can be removed from the smart compact cabinet. For this purpose, standing or floating model versions are available. A comfortable softclose system ensures that no superfluous sounds the well-being in the bath stören.

Efficient use of space in the bathroom thanks to base units and flexible functional blinds from

A vitalizing shower gel, a shampoo with your favourite fragrance and muscle-relaxing bathing supplies : The undercurves and functional rollis from the shop make it easy to store your bathing utensils. The friendly appealing designs create your personal SPA atmosphere. The undershowers in white, concrete white and high-gloss white as well as high-gloss anthracite and high-gloss türkis offered in the shop can make a significant contribution to this. In addition, models are available in the decors reproductions of oak Sonoma, vintage and truffle as well as walnut and graphite structure. The base cabinets are made of melamine-coated quality chipboard and a functional and decorative gain for every bathroom. Model variations with a Tür and a Slot or a Tür and a Drawer offer accommodation to suit everyday bathroom needs. Alternatively, cabinets can also be ordered with a door, drawer and compartment with glass panel. In a slightly wider version, you can purchase a base cabinet in elegant anthracite decor with a drawer and a flap that opens downwards. In the selection assortment of you can also get practical functional rollis with a Tür, a drawer as well as a compartment with glass panel and a folding make-up mirror. There are also base cabinets with handleless fronts with coloured decorative panels available. The Stöbern in the well set up assortment with advantageous prices is therefore always worthwhile.