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Baby Room Sets

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Baby room complete - loving and harmonious

The furnishing of a baby room is a special moment. You're designing the new home for your baby. I want it to feel good all around. A baby room should convey a feeling of security. At the same time, it should be safe and functional. It is often easier and cheaper to buy a complete baby room.

Baby room set - aesthetic and functional

A practical baby room set makes it easy for you to set up. You get the baby room completely in a uniform design. Colours, shapes and materials are coordinated with each other. This creates a harmonious overall picture. The furniture fits together in terms of functionality and makes your everyday life with your little darling easier. Ordering a complete baby room is often easier and cheaper. Instead of putting all the furniture together individually, you have everything from a single source in one set. Of course it can be extended later with additional furniture. In our online shop you will also find a large selection of individual baby furniture.

Complete baby room - safe and easy-care

When setting up the baby room, the safety of your baby is the be-all and end-all. Baby furniture must be safe and stable. That is why baby cots are often equipped with a grid. This protects your baby from falling out. The grid should be designed so that your baby can't pinch his fingers or feet. The corners and edges of the baby furniture should be rounded. Easy-care and washable materials are particularly practical. So you can clean the baby furniture quickly and easily and have more time for your little treasure. Baby room complete - the basic equipment

A set includes a cozy cot, a spacious wardrobe and a practical changing table. Height-adjustable beds, which can later be converted into a cot, are popular. Many baby cots are equipped with a pretty canopy that gives your baby a feeling of security. The changing unit consists of a changing mat and a vanity unit in which nappies and care products can be stored. Chests of drawers are usually equipped with a drawer in which spittoons and other utensils are stored. Your baby lies comfortably and safely on the comfortable support and you have everything quickly at hand when you are changing your baby. Larger baby room sets contain more cupboards, chests of drawers or shelves and offer even more storage space. A comfortable armchair in the baby room offers you the opportunity to sit down and rest comfortably in between or to cuddle with your baby in your arms.

Baby room for girls and boys

We offer modern baby furniture for boys and girls. A popular variation is white baby furniture, which is complemented by a coloured decoration. Loving motives like hearts or flowers let the eyes of your daughter shine. Many girls love furniture in a delicate pink or other pastel colours. A four-poster bed creates a place of peace, where your little one feels comfortable. A starry sky creates a dreamlike atmosphere at night. Plush animals like teddy bears, unicorns or flamingos make the hearts of the girls beat faster. Boys feel at home in baby rooms with blue or green tones. Popular alternatives are the colours white, grey or yellow. Motifs such as cars, rockets and astronauts are popular in boys' rooms. Wild animals such as lions, tigers or elephants also arrive very well. Baby rooms for boys and girls are rounded off with matching carpets and curtains. Pretty lamps that give a cosy light complete the baby room.

Baby room complete - buy cheap online

With us you get modern baby rooms in different designs. You can view them from the comfort of your sofa in our online shop and have them delivered to your home quickly and easily. Instead of walking through furniture stores for several hours with your baby belly, you can order your new furniture from us. This gives you more time to fully enjoy your pregnancy and rest. Be inspired by our furnishing ideas and order your new baby room completely cheap and comfortable home!